The company provides holiday and daily employee benefits, five insurances, internal and external career development training according to the job position, 4 days off every month, accommodation (with network), canteen, convenient life, transportation and learning! The probation period is 1-3 months, and the salary during the probation period is 4500-5500 yuan/month


Four safety and environmental protection professionals shall be recruited, with college degree or above. Those with relevant safety and environmental protection professional knowledge and registered safety engineer qualification are preferred! Salary: 7000 yuan/month+


6 R&D personnel are recruited, who are required to have relevant professional and technical knowledge of organic and inorganic chemical process, bachelor's degree or above, and strong business ability! Salary: 7000 yuan/month+


We are looking for 4 electrical and instrument professionals with college degree or above, corresponding work experience and professional technical ability! Salary: 7000 yuan/month+


Two office staff are required, with college degree or above, good image and temperament, and corresponding office work experience! Salary: 5000 yuan/month+

Recruitment of 2 project managers, with relevant work experience, college degree or above, good business ability and communication and coordination ability! Salary: 6000 yuan/month+


Recruitment reserve engineer, with relevant equipment, mechanical and electrical automation professional or work experience, college degree or above, relevant work experience is preferred! Salary: 7000 yuan/month+


Recruitment of production, safety and administrative reserve cadres requires college degree or above, and relevant work experience is preferred! Salary: 7000 yuan/month+


A number of workshop operators are required to be recruited, with a high school degree or above, healthy, dedicated and obedient to management! Salary: 5000 yuan/month+


Employee requirements: healthy, in line with the national legal working age, dedicated, obedient to management, abide by the company's rules and regulations, be loyal to the company, unite and help each other, and work seriously!


Address: Chengxi Industrial Zone, Linshu County

Tel.: 0539-6212223

Fax: 0539-6212391


Contact: Manager Wang


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